Are you a recording studio?

No, but we work with the best commercial recording studios and engineers in town, including the folks at Babble-On, Audio Ruckus and Rumble.

What radio stations do you work with?

All of them…or none of them, depending on how you look at it. Working “with” stations is usually the realm of the media buyer. We create the radio commercials, and the media buyer, (which we can provide if you need one) uses his or her relationships and intimate knowledge of stations, sales reps and demographics to create a specifically targeted media buy for our clients. At least, that’s how they explain it to us.

I don’t have a huge ad budget, so can we cram everything about my business into one thirty-second radio spot?

Well, you could….but we don’t recommend it. Part of making effective radio is creating something people don’t mind listening to or even enjoy listening to, or better yet, something they’d want to listen to again. A big long laundry list of copy points may be gratifying internally, but it isn’t anything the average listener can pay attention to for very long. You’d be better off focusing on one message per spot, and changing up your ads more frequently. Because radio is relatively cheap and quick to produce, it’s one form of advertising that lends itself perfectly to this approach.

Is radio all you do?

Well, no. At Shout Radio Productions, we know our name is a bit misleading. We do lots of radio but some clients like us so much, they use us to create their television as well. And because we are experts in the recording, editing, and production of audio content, we are your go-to guys when it comes to developing the audio portion of your flash-animated website, commercial animatic, on-hold phone loop, feature-length cartoon, talking car, podcast or what have you. We also have the crisp copywriting chops to be trusted with your print headlines or brochure or web copy. And if necessary, we have crack art directors on-call to bring any and all print concepts to life.