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Radio Advertising

How we do it

The Radio Campaign

A single radio ad can be effective all on its own, but it takes a well-crafted, multi-spot campaign to truly elevate a brand. Shout specializes in creating campaigns where listeners take note, perk up, and in many cases actually look forward to the next installment.

Here are a few of the many radio campaigns we’ve developed for our clients:


SHOUT created the "Federal Bureau of Vacation" campaign for Americinn Hotels and Suites. The campaign has been an extremely successful driver for a number of the brand's promotions.

What We Do

Simply put, at Shout Radio Productions we create effective radio advertising from start to finish. We write, pitch, cast, record and produce new radio spots for clients directly, or through advertising agencies. We re-write, edit or simply produce radio spots that are already written. We can even help create a broader marketing strategy for any client, which can be executed across all marketing media. We can also develop other audio content, anything from podcasts to info kiosks to answering machine messages to ring tones.

We work with the top recording studios in the area that understand the peculiar recording and distribution needs of the advertising industry. We also work with people who know how to get your ads on the air. If you need media placement targeted to a specific demographic, say the word…our media gurus know how to get the best ROI for your shiny new commercials.

How We Work

Well, the short answer is: any way you want. We can create a single radio spot, design entire ad campaigns or be put on long-term retainer. We can work with your producer, your writers, your studio, your media planners, your creative brief or we can provide all of those services. We can do ghost-writing, script doctoring, writing-only, production-only or heck, while we’re at it…“consulting.”

A Case For Radio

To some, the idea of a radio-only agency would seem an anachronism. Isn’t radio that medium that’s almost dead? Well, to listen to the quality of the spots featured in your typical ad block, you’d think so…but not so fast. According to our friends at the Radio Advertising Bureau — whose job it is to research this kind of stuff — radio reaches 230 million “unique” listeners in the US, every week. That’s, um, like a huge majority of the population. On weekdays, 78 percent of US adults 18+ listen to radio more than three hours per day.

Radio can go places other media cannot… listeners take in radio while driving, shopping, working, surfing the web and countless other activities where their eyes are otherwise occupied. And because radio’s “visuals” are provided by the listener, they are more compelling and memorable than those provided by other media.