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Creative That Sells Stuff

Shout Radio Productions is an award-winning creative agency in Minneapolis. We work directly with clients and other ad agencies to create smart, effective, and memorable radio and TV commercials that build brands and move consumers to action. We write, produce, cast and deliver advertising that gets results.

The Power of Great Creative

Many advertisers default to down-and-dirty, station-produced radio spots to save a buck; a compromise based on the false assumption that truly great creative is too expensive. This is simply not true. Bad radio requires murderously expensive frequency for little return. Direct-response radio reduces the client’s image to the lowest common denominator. But GREAT CREATIVE elevates the brand, empowers the audience and requires far fewer media dollars. More for less. It’s like magic.

Let us Tell Your Story

At Shout, we’re big believers in the power of branding. We personalize our clients and their products, creating an indelible bond with consumers quickly. We can do this with humor, characters, music or storytelling. We use the sharpest talent, engineers and musicians in the country and we partner with top media strategists and planners to get your message heard. Most importantly we strive to demystify the radio advertising experience for all of our clients.

Have a Look

Go ahead and click around our site. Listen to our reel. It’s free and it’s all right here. Then shoot us an email or call 612.716.9808 to talk to Joe or 612.636.4063 to talk to Mark. Let us take the waste and worry out of your advertising plan. When you have great radio, it goes in one ear…and stays there.

Mark Benninghofen

Mark Benninghofen


Mark came to the advertising industry by way of acting. A graduate of the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Mark was brought to Minneapolis to join the acting company at the Guthrie Theater Company in 1984. He soon found his way into Minneapolis’ burgeoning commercial radio and television acting scene, and was recruited by radio ad industry legend Craig Wiese as a writer and producer. After several stints in LA to add his personal magic to shows like Frazier, Drew Carey, The Larry Sanders Show, and Chicago Hope, Mark made his way back to Minneapolis with his family to pursue the sanity of Midwestern Life and Radio Advertising. As a voiceover talent, Mark Benninghofen is represented by The Wehmann Agency in Minneapolis. As a television and film actor, Mark is represented by The William Morris Agency in Los Angeles.
  • voiceover talent (SAG, AEA & union & non-union)
  • television & film actor
  • president of Shout Radio Productions
  • writer & producer for commercial radio & TV
Joe Weismann

Joe Weismann

Other President

Joe started his career as a graveyard-shift DJ on a local AM “Music of your Life”™ station after graduating with a degree in music from Carleton College. Determining quickly that it was not the life for him, Joe faked his way into a copywriter job at a hot Minneapolis ad agency, where he was put to work writing radio copy for regional and national clients while still an intern. His predilection for the medium of radio eventually led him to jump into the competitive world of voice acting as well. Fifteen years and several ad agency gigs later, Joe decided to focus exclusively on radio advertising at Shout Radio Productions and as a voice talent for ad agencies in Minneapolis and nationwide. Oh yeah, he’s also a musician with two bands, The Smarts and The Jaztronauts. As a voice talent, Joe Weismann is represented in Minneapolis by The Wehmann Agency.
  • radio script copywriter
  • voice talent (SAG & union & non-union)
  • radio ad agency partner
  • musician
  • podcaster

Radio Advertising Specialists

Shout Radio Productions is a Minneapolis ad agency specializing in radio advertising. Because we know radio inside and out, we know how to get the best radio bang for your advertising budget. We work directly with advertisers new to radio, as well as old hands who want to take the effectiveness of their radio campaigns up a few notches. Email Shout Radio Productions. We’ll help you get more out of your next radio campaign.

Shout’s Specialties

  • radio advertising specialists
  • create branded audio content
  • script-writing for radio spots
  • pitch, cast, record & produce radio ads
  • write & produce podcasts
  • voice-overs for radio commercials, TV & film