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A Creative Agency

Creative That Sells Stuff

Shout Radio Productions is an award-winning creative agency in Minneapolis. We work directly with clients and other ad agencies to create smart, effective, and memorable radio and TV commercials that build brands and move consumers to action. We write, produce, cast and deliver advertising that gets results.

The Power of Great Creative

In lean times such as these, many advertisers default to down-and-dirty, station-produced radio spots to save a buck; a compromise based on the false assumption that truly great creative is too expensive. This is simply not true. Bad radio requires murderously expensive frequency for little return. Direct-response radio reduces the client's image to the lowest common denominator. But GREAT CREATIVE elevates the brand, empowers the audience and requires far fewer media dollars. More for less. It's like magic.

Let us Tell Your Story

At Shout, we're big believers in the power of branding. We personalize our clients and their products, creating an indelible bond with consumers quickly. We can do this with humor, characters, music or storytelling. We use the sharpest talent, engineers and musicians in the country and we partner with top media strategists and planners to get your message heard. Most importantly we strive to demystify the radio advertising experience for all of our clients.

Have a Look

Go ahead and click around our site. Listen to our reel. It's free and it's all right here. Then shoot us an email or call Shout at (612) 339-0091.

Let us take the waste and worry out of your advertising plan.

When you have great radio, it goes in one ear...and stays there.

Shout Radio Productions

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Listen to Shout's Reel

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Creative Services

  • full-service advertising agency
  • radio/TV commercial script & copywriting
  • pitch, cast, record & produce radio ads
  • podcasts and branded audio content
  • media strategy, buy and placement

Radio Spots

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